How to Alleviate Tightness Following a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Rabu, 28 Februari 2024

How to Alleviate Tightness Following a Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck surgery is also known as abdominoplasty. It is a transformative surgical procedure that is done for an improved waist definition by tightening and reshaping the abdominal area to eliminate excess fat and skin. A tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure. After surgery, a common side effect is tightness in the tummy area. While it is a normal effect and not a cause for alarm, the feeling of tightness can be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are there are things you can do to reduce the tightness after a tummy tuck.

The recovery process after the surgery is important and needs diligent preparation and care. This is essential to minimize complications and let you enjoy your newly sculpted tummy as quickly as possible. An important component for this recovery process is the use of high-quality compression garment such as the best shapewear for tummy. That being, said, it is important to follow the advice of your surgeon in wearing the compression garment so that you can have a smooth and speedy 

What Causes The Tightness After a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

During the tummy tuck surgery, excess skin and fat are removed. In many cases, the abdominal muscles are also tightened.  Naturally, all these changes would lead to a feeling of tightness as the body adjusts to its new shape. During surgery, some nerves may also be cut when making incision and these nerves need time to reconnect and heal. During the healing period, you may also feel itching, tingling, or burning sensations, on top of the tightness. feeling. Swelling that occurs thereafter also contributes to a tight feeling.

How To Reduce Tightness After a Tummy Tuck

Some of the common side effects after surgery include swelling and fluid retention at the treatment site. With the appropriate compression compression garment, it can address these issues effectively and allow you to recover smoothly. A tummy tuck compression garment can be a waist trainer or a butt lifting shapewear bodysuit that wraps the midsection securely. This garment fits snugly and apply pressure to the treatment site.  This will help to reduce swelling and offer the much-needed support during the recovery process.

Your surgeon will advise on how long you should be wearing the tummy tuck compression garments during your recovery. Initially, you would most likely need to wear a compression garment 24/7. You may transition to wearing it daily but not all day and night at a later stage. Initially, some may find the snug fit garment to be uncomfortable, especially during the first couple of days after surgery. Wearing the shapewear or compression garment consistently is important for faster recovery. 

How Long Does Tightness Last?

While everyone is unique and the time to heal can vary, the tightness in the abdominal area can last from six to 12 weeks. As for the nerve endings, it can take up to a year to fully function again. 

Benefits of Wearing Compression Garment

Wearing the compression garment or shapewear offers several advantages such as follows:-

  • Minimizing Fluid Build-Up Risk

A common post-surgical complication that occurs when excess fluid accumulates underneath the skin and it is known as Seroma. Wearing a compression garment will be able to decrease the risk of seroma formation significantly as it applies even pressure to the tissues of the affected areas.

  • More Enhanced Contouring

After surgery, there is a possibility of uneven contours and if not addressed early, they may become permanent. Wearing a compression garment can help to smooth out the lumps and bumps and ensures a more aesthetically pleasing result. Just like wearing extreme tummy control shapewear for dresses that will smooth out any irregularities so that you can rock the body hugging dress flawlessly.

  • Better Comfort and Increased Support

Despite the tight fit, compression garment offers a sense of security and comfort when doing daily activities. This garment acts as a protective layer for incision line and damaged tissues and help to prevent straining or pulling.

  • Boost Circulation

Having optimal blood circulation is important for fast recovery after surgery. Essential nutrients are delivered to the treated areas through blood flow and promote healing while also reducing swelling and bruising. Besides that, proper circulation minimizes the risk of blood clots that can be fatal. Wearing compression garments can help to improve circulation and reduce any risks associated with it.

So, if you have gone for a tummy tuck surgery or planning for one, it is important to get the right compression garment for support and comfort to address the issue of post-surgery tightness and optimal healing process.


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